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Auto Lease Buyout Calculator: How Much to Buy Your Leased Vehicle?

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If you’re thinking about keeping your leased vehicle, or maybe buying it to resell, a lease buyout calculator can help with your decision. You can input information about your current lease to see these estimates:

  • Total amount you will pay to buy out your car lease (whether you use cash or take a loan).

  • The total cost of a lease buyout loan, including interest, based on different rates and terms.

  • What your new monthly payment will be.

How to use the auto lease buyout calculator

Gather these details about your current lease:

  • Residual value of your leased car (the amount your car is predicted to be worth at the end of the lease, found in your lease contract).

  • Number of lease payments you have remaining.

  • Amount of your monthly lease payment.

  • Cost of purchase option fee, if any.

  • Sales tax rate for cars in your state.

What your estimated buyout cost tells you

For example, if the estimated cost to buy out your car lease is more than you would pay to purchase the same vehicle from a dealer, then a lease buyout may not be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you face a large bill for excess miles or damage when you return the car, purchasing the car could be the best option.

It could also be an attractive option if your car’s value on the open market is much higher than the car’s buyout price, giving you an opportunity to resell at a profit.

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